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A Word From Our CEO:

“I’ve been a small business owner for 25 years and I’ve been very fortunate to have had a series of successful exits during that time.

Having become actively involved in the mergers and acquisitions space in 2015, I became increasingly aware that too many good small and medium-sized businesses never actually sell.

Every business is different and every owner has a different reason for considering selling and passing the business on to a new owner – but every owner also deserves a reward for all of their blood, sweat and years of growing the business.

So I found my ‘why’ – and I am now dedicated to ensuring exiting owners achieve a successful and rewarding sale of their businesses.”

Craig Bartlett – Founder and CEO, Coach, Author & Creator of The Wealthy Exit Method

Why We’re Different

We call ourselves “Proactive” because that’s exactly what we are. We don’t advertise and wait for buyers to come to us – we proactively target them and engage with them as business owners would.

All of our consultants have been business owners themselves and share our passion that exiting owners should be rewarded for what they have created.

We identify businesses or individuals that would gain the most value from the acquisition, and we approach them with a professional, honest and concise proposal that is easy for them to engage with.

Our Promise To You

We’re on your side. We’ll be open and honest at every stage of the process. We’ll walk you through what to expect and we’ll present your business in the best possible way to those that are most likely to be interested in purchasing it.

We’ve seen too many good businesses close needlessly because the sale process was flawed and our mission is to ensure that as close to 100% of business owners get the rewarding exit they deserve.

We’ll agree a minimum acceptable exit value with you – and if we dont achieve that for you, then we’ll refund your fees – that is our committment and our guarantee to you.

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